November 2017For Randal, it is love at first sight when he lays eyes on Leah. After a short, whirlwind romance, Leah leaves all she knows behind in New Orleans and moves to Savannah, Georgia to marry her newfound love, only to exist in secrets.Now seven years of bliss, Leah and Randal welcome beautiful, twin daughters—Leanne and Brooklyn. After several hours of intense labor, Leah falls madly in love with her babies. Randal, on the other hand, not so much. With a heart of ice, Randal makes an unconscionable decision that changes Leah’s life forever and eventually determines his demise.After Randal being the breadwinner and taking care of everything, Leah now finds herself heartbroken, clueless, betrayed, and alone. With only Brooklyn by her side, she embarks upon a new life, with Randal’s secret constantly haunting her.”Two-Sided Heart” is a mother’s worst nightmare.


May 2013
Baldwin Hills Housewives is a story of five women that lives in Baldwin Hills, California, and supports each other personally and professionally without hesitation. Shanna Dupree practices Family Law. She takes on clients and fights to win as she is struggling through her own divorce. Her husband Ron Dupree divorces her for someone else he has fallen in love with, a man.Robin Flanigan, a successful Real Estate Agent with a background that only one housewife knows about. She gets a phone call from Child Services; her cousin died and left her eight year old daughter for her to take in. Robin knows nothing about raising children. The father is believed to be dead, until one evening a stranger rings her doorbell.Sky Landers and her husband Monte have a wonderful marriage. Monte owns his own Construction Company. He drives home from Las Vegas, and arrives in LA, only blocks away from his home; stops at a florist to buy roses for Sky and is caught up in a deadly robbery.Karla St. James and her husband Martin are happily married. Karla is a bestselling novelist; Martin has his own publishing company. They are financially secured, but Karla has one secret, she shoplifts in different malls.Candace Brown and her husband Kenneth are a close, religious family, a pillar of the community. The ladies respect Candace for her wisdom and encouragement. Although the house wives have different views about life, they will be friends forever.

May 2013
Sabrina Chapman has the perfect life, a loving, trusting husband, and two gorgeous children. They live in Mill Valley, a middle-class neighborhood near the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. After series of tests, regretfully, she is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and her world is utterly shattered. As a result of a car accident, Sabrina is experiencing more extreme symptoms. The essence of life she had taken for granted no longer exists. When it comes to Sabrina having MS, Jason Chapman, her husband is in denial. His initial reaction to the diagnosis is blame, anger, shock and fear. When the Beta Nurse demonstrates how Sabrina will give herself an injection every other night, Jason finally faces reality. He moves out of the house and files for a divorce. Sabrina is devastated, and slammed with symptoms that take days for her to walk again. She sees a divorce lawyer, but having MS and on total disability; she needs a lawyer that will fight for her. In the end she finds financial stability, a way to live with MS, and a MS doctor who adores her.


Pub Date : April 1, 2009
Imprint : Dafina

The Truth She’s Always Hidden…Autumn Evans has a career she loves, a wedding to plan, and a secret that could destroy both. Even though her job—working with underprivileged kids at a Compton school—is deeply fulfilling, Autumn feels something is missing from her life. Her fiancé Matthew, a successful and ambitious surgeon, expects Autumn to assume the role of perfect partner, but lately she feels her sense of control slipping away…

May Be The Only Thing To Set Her Free…

When a crisis hits and Autumn is physically injured, she returns to her childhood home to heal. There, she slowly begins to question everything she’s come to accept about herself, her family, and her man, especially as she watches her mother and sister deal with their own relationship dilemmas. But soon Autumn realizes that she needs to make a choice, between fighting for what


Her Biggest Challenge In Life…

Darian Cantrall may have been born in New Orleans, but ever since she moved to L.A., she can’t imagine living anywhere else. With a dream job and a glamorous life, she has everything she wants. But when her sister Monique’s battle with cancer takes a turn for the worst, Darian returns home to be there for her family and do whatever is needed of her—even if it means taking on the one thing she dreads most…

Just Might Become Her Greatest Joy.

Darian isn’t cut out for motherhood or small-city life. And now it looks like she’s diving right in to both. Monique left behind two small children and Darian is the only one who can raise them. Moving back home brings up all sorts of issues about the past. But when reality sets in, Darian discovers that her fast-paced glamorous L.A. life wasn’t as idyllic as she thought. With help from Monique’s kids and a high school sweetheart who comes back into the picture, Darian just might find the true meaning of happiness.




an anthology with
Maxine Thompson and Michelle McGriff
Publisher Urban Books

Irresistible Flames Kelly and Byron are engaged and very happy but after a accident, Kelly questions herself. Meantime, she finds out that Byron is leading a secret life. Caprianna and Marquise are happy until tragedy strikes, Caprianna’s world is shattered, and she finds that Marquise is keeping secrets. But just when she thought she was at her lowest, fate steps in.









Pub Date : March 2006
Imprint : Dafina

WILL A LOST MEMORY…After journalist Wanda Gray’s plane crashes in Kenya, searchers find no survivors, and she is believed dead. But Wanda is very much alive, and slowly recovering on an African ranch. She remembers nothing of her former life—not her accountant husband Steven or even her own name.


Soon, in the lush, exotic African countryside, Wanda is discovering a whole new world…and a hot new lover: tall, lithe, rance owner Ahmed. Day by day their desire blossoms into a gloriously passionate romance. But then Wanda regains her memory of her other life—and the man in it…


Wanda realizes her happiness with Ahmed can only last as long as he doesn’t know she is married and her past remains a secret. But does she really want to throw away what she had with Steven? Now, every moment draws them all closer to the next crazy twist of fate– and a choice Wanda never imagined having to make…
Pub Date : Mar-05
Imprint : Dafina

A BLESSING IN DISQUISE…After twenty-five years of marriage, Ashley Lake and her husband Marcus have a lovely home in sunny California, successful careers, and a beloved grown daughter. At age fifty, Marcus is still a fine-looking man and a great provider. Except for some “female trouble” that frequently leaves her fatigued, Ashley feels attractive enough, although she could stand to lose some weight and liven up her wardrobe a bit. Maybe a little boredom and predictability have crept into the routine of her marriage lately. But after twenty-five years of marriage what does that matter?

Apparently it matters to Marcus, as Ashley discovers when she finds him packing up to leave her for a younger woman. It’s the kind of shock that Ashley could have never imagine, and the kind of crisis – to mind and body – she needs to finally start caring about what’s most important: herself. Being left alone, feeling unloved, and in pain-literally-forces her to rediscover the strong, sexy woman she‘s been all along. What lies ahead for the “new” Ashley?






COMING IN FROM THE COLD Real estate agent Tracey Woods was an energetic woman leading an orderly, seemingly ideal life – but the horrible night her husband was killed in a car accident changed everything. At age fifty-two, Donald Woods was twenty years her senior, but he was her perfect match, giving her all the love and security she’d craved since her orphaned childhood. Or so she thought – until a strange man in the hospital informed her that Donald was having an affair with his sister, and they were planning to be married.

Bereft and betrayed, Tracey is now left wondering how to go on, how to deal with the past, much less face the future. But as she forges ahead, she discovers a surprising reserve of inner strength, the courage to face the abandoned child she once was – and the adult woman she now is. And then, from the ashes of loss springs an unexpected second chance at love…